Phil (cousin)
Name Phil
Occupation Limousine driver
Actor David Costabile
First Appearance Changes

Phil is the cousin of Cyrus Harry, the lottery winning patient in the Season 7 episode Changes he was portrayed by actor David Costabile.

Phil is seen ferrying Cyrus around in his limo looking for every woman named Jennifer Williams in the Princeton area so Cyrus can try to rekindle his love for her.  Phil thinks Cyrus's quest is pointless and that he should just try to find someone else to be with.  When Cyrus collapses, he calls out to the woman Cyrus just spoke to call 911.

Phil stays with Cyrus in the hospital when Jennifer shows up.  However, as Cyrus and Jennifer grow closer, she tells him she doesn't want his money and he should concentrate on the people who have been closest to him.  

Cyrus decides to give Phil a check for $10 million because Phil has been there for him.  However, just as he's about to take it, Remy Hadley realizes that Jennifer is wearing tinted contact lenses.  When Cyrus realizes she doesn't really have brown eyes, he gets suspicious and realizes she isn't really Jennifer.  He realizes Phil was the only other person who knew details about Jennifer's life and he set her up to convince him to hand over his money.  He throws both of them out of the room.

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