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Peter Foster
Personal Information

About 64


Medicare review officer

Acting Information

Bruce French

First Appearance

Failure to Communicate


Peter Foster was the Medicare review officer in Baltimore that House and Stacy went to see in the Season 2 episode Failure to Communicate. He was portrayed by actor Bruce French.

House was called to task for his billing practices and Stacy went along to represent the hospital. Foster had noted that House had rated all of his cases at the top of the complexity scale. He also noted that House had given a female patient Viagra and wanted an explanation. House explained that he prescribed the medication off-label as she couldn't tolerate the usual medication for her condition. House became offended and offered to pay the disputed amount himself. However, Stacy took control of the situation by noting that House's treatment was appropriate and pointing out that Foster, who she had researched, was nearing retirement and probably disagreed personally with the government's policy. As a result, Foster went easy on them and they were done early.

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