Peter Blake is a consulting producer on House and also has writing credits on twenty-four epidodes:

  1. Maternity (Season 1)
  2. Cursed (with Matt Witten) (Season 1)
  3. Babies & Bathwater (with David Shore) (Season 1)
  4. The Mistake (Season 2)
  5. Safe (Season 2)
  6. Fools for Love (Season 4)
  7. Alone (with David Shore) (Season 4)
  8. Whatever It Takes (with Thomas L. Moran) (Season 4)
  9. House's Head (with David Foster (II), Doris Egan, Garrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 4)
  10. Wilson's Heart (with David Foster (II), Garrett LernerRussel Friend) (Season 4)
  11. The Itch (Season 5)
  12. Joy to the World (Season 5)
  13. Here Kitty (Season 5)
  14. The Tyrant (Season 6)
  15. Remorse (Season 6)
  16. Lockdown (Season 6)
  17. Help Me (Season 6)
  18. Massage Therapy (Season 7)
  19. Family Practice (Season 7)
  20. Moving On (Season 7)
  21. Twenty Vicodin (Season 8)
  22. Chase (Season 8)
  23. We Need the Eggs (Season 8)
  24. Everybody Dies (Season 8)

Before joining House M.D., Blake was a writer for The Practice. Like David Shore, he has an education in law.

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