Patty Michener
Name Patty Michener
Marital Status Single
Occupation Consultant
Actor Jamie Rose
First Appearance Dying Changes Everything

Patty Michener was the boss of Lou in the Season 5 episode Dying Changes Everything. She was portrayed by actress Jamie Rose.

Patty and Lou were going to meet with a company that had a serious problem with sexual harassment. Patty was berating Lou for her choice of hotel. When Patty arrived in the meeting room, she found that all the company representatives were men and made a snide remark about it.  

When Lou started to act weirdly, Patty was dismissive until she realized Lou had a serious problem. She then asked in a calm manner whether anyone was going to call 911.

Although she doesn't appear in the rest of the episode, she makes her presence felt. As the doctors tell Lou to rest, she tells them she still has to make arrangements for Patty's next trip. However, Patty still fires Lou.

When Thirteen tells Lou that she can be as important as Patty, Patty dismissed the idea and says she will always be in a support role.  

Later, after Lou recovers, Patty asks Lou to come back because she's not happy with her new assistant. Lou tells Thirteen that she's going back rather than look for a more responsible job.

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