Patrick Linehan
Patrick Linehan
Name Patrick Linehan
Marital Status Single
Occupation Medical intern
Actor Christopher Carley
First Appearance Who's Your Daddy?
Patrick Linehan was the young doctor and sperm donor who House hunted down in the Season 2 episode Who's Your Daddy?. He was portrayed by actor Christopher Carley.

Lisa Cuddy was trying to determine which sperm donor to use and asked House for help with their genetics. However, House told Cuddy that it was insane to choose someone from a profile and that her favorite choice, donor 613, was probably a loser despite the fact that he was a doctor who liked Mozart.

To prove his point, he tracked him down and invited him to the hospital, ostensibly for a job interview. As House suspected, he was completely unimpressive in person with several unsettling habits and shallow beliefs.