Patient One
Name Patient #1
Actor Randy Evans
First Appearance One Day, One Room

Patient #1 was one of the many clinic patients seen in One Day, One Room when Gregory House was banished to the clinic. He was portrayed by actor Randy Evans.

Patient #1 was a well-dressed young man of African-American heritage. When House entered the exam room, he admitted he had lied to the admitting nurse and said his real problem was that he thought he had an STD.

Dr. House took a swab and sent it for testing. It came back negative and Dr. House went to see the patient again. However, he initially misled the patient into thinking it was positive because he knew the only time a patient thinks they have an STD is when they've had SWS (sex while stupid). He asked him if he'd never seen an After-School Special and warned him to take precautions from then on.

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