On House M.D. - Critical Cases, the panacea is a special item which has the ability of curing all clinic patients in the ward and in the pharmacy at once, even if the ward patients have received no other treatment.  As a result, the player nets about 20 Supplies and up to 6 ward favors.  

However, the panacea is very difficult to obtain.  It requires obtaining both of the two rarest tokens - Steve McQueen and Hector, or the two rarest special tokens from special environmental scans  - the ID badges of Gregory House and James Wilson.  

The panacea can also be purchased for 80 House Credits, making it the most expensive item.  However, it is cheaper than buying 6 Ward favors and 20 supplies, which would cost about 100 House Credits.  

The name is taken from the ancient term for a medicine that would cure any disease and result in eternal life.

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