Pam (mother)
Name Pam
Actor Jewel Christian
First Appearance Autopsy
Pam was Andie's mother in the Season 2 episode Autopsy.  She was portrayed by actress Jewel Christian.

Pam is first seen reminding Andie to take her meds.  However, she soon finds her on the floor of the bathroom suffering from a seizure.

As they realize Andie has a clot in her brain, the doctors convince Pam to consent to a dangerous procedure that will stop Andie's vital signs.  

However, House wants to make sure Andie knows what's at stake.  He tells her that even if they are successful, she has no more than a year to live because of her underlying cancer.  Andie says her mother isn't ready to be without her yet.

When the procedure is successful, Andie leaves hand in hand with Pam.

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