Paige Pearson
Name Paige Pearson
Marital Status Married to Bobby Pearson
Actor Bridgett Newton
First Appearance Last Temptation

Paige Pearson is the mother of Kendall Pearson, the patient in the Season 7 episode Last Temptation.  She is married to Bobby Pearson.  She was portrayed by actress Bridgett Newton.

Paige was fully in support of Kendall's ambition to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world.

When Kendall was diagnosed with cancer that required the amputation of her left arm, she pleaded with her parents to let her go on the sail and promised she would get treated when she got back.  Bobby wanted to go ahead with the surgery, but Paige backed Kendall and Bobby refused consent.  Bobby was afraid if he pressed the issue, Kendall would try to become an emancipated adult and refuse surgery anyway.

As a result, Masters had to take symptoms of paraneoplastic syndrome to convince Paige to consent to the surgery.

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