Oncology 1

Oncology Department (excluding House)

The Oncology Department has only been seen once in the episode Wilson. The Oncology Department's head was Dr. James Wilson. The Oncology Department is one of the most visited departments in the series.


The Oncology Department reviews cancer cases and studies on work days. The Oncology Department is seen to have 11 other doctors. The Oncology Department spends most of the time in the Oncology Unit for cancer patients.
Oncology 2

Oncology in session about patients being treated and their care


Doctor Duration as Head Reason for Departure
James Wilson Pilot - Everybody Dies Short lifespan due to terminal cancer
Unknown Everybody Dies No revelation of new head


Oncology is most times called in when a patient suspected of having cancer and needs to be checked by an oncologist to verify. Dr. Wilson has always been assisting or giving House or his patients advice or recommendations on what treatment or plan they should make.

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