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Personal Information
Marital Status

Married to Tommy

Acting Information

Amanda Foreman

First Appearance

Perils of Paranoia


For the actress who portrays Remy Hadley, see Olivia Wilde. For the actress who portrays Ingrid the masseuse, see America Olivo.

Olivia was the wife of Tommy, the district attorney who was the patient in the Season 8 episode Perils of Paranoia. She was portrayed by actress Amanda Foreman.

Tommy's initial symptoms point to a toxin, and House believes they should treat Olivia as a suspect. However, the team confront both Tommy and Olivia and Olivia is soon ruled out.

However, the marriage is strained when Park discovers a secret room in the patient's home that is filled with guns. Tommy admits to putting it in when the house was remodelled, but Olivia didn't know about it. She soon stops visiting.

They reconcile after Tommy recovers, but Olivia insists that they move.

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