Name Dr. O'Shea
Marital Status Married
Occupation Physician
Actor Tim Conlon
First Appearance Not Cancer

Dr. O'Shea was the doctor House tried to befriend in the Season 5 episode Not Cancer. He was portrayed by actor Tim Conlon.

House had heard through the hospital grapevine that O'Sheal liked monster trucks. He approached O'Shea in the cafeteria. At first, O'Shea said it was just something his children liked, but then showed a lot of knowledge about the competitors. House asked O'Shea whether he had any objection to pain management and when O'Shea said he didn't, House invited O'Shea to 221B Baker Street to watch Prescription Passion together, but O'Shea declined. House told O'Shea that he would grow on him.

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