Name Dr. O'Reilly
Occupation Physician
Actor Jason Manuel Olazabal
First Appearance The Right Stuff
Dr. O'Reilly was the wheelchair bound applicant (aka #11) in the Season 4 episode The Right Stuff. He was portrayed by actor Jason Manuel Olazabal.

Dr. O'Reilly was one of the ten applicants to be assigned to wash House's car. Although the other nine started working on the task, O'Reilly was unable to help due to being confined to his wheelchair. He started complaining that he didn't go to medical school to do this type of work.

Amber Volakis started complaining too, saying House had already decided to cut them and just wanted to get his car washed as a bonus. She walked out and took O'Reilly and seven of the others along with her, leaving only Jeffrey Cole to work on the car.  

However, Amber returned and admitted it was just a trick to eliminate the competition. O'Reilly was eliminated.

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