Nate Weinmann
Name Nate Weinmann
Occupation Immigration officer
Actor Jose Zuniga
First Appearance Man of the House
Nate Weinmann was the immigration official assigned to investigate Gregory House and Dominika Petrova's marriage in the Season 8 episode Man of the House. He was portrayed by actor Jose Zuniga.

House and Dominika rehearse and study to make it look like they have been living together even though they have been separated most of the time they were married. Mr. Weinmann comes to 221B Baker Street to interview them and despite asking tough questions, House and Dominika do well enough to fool him. However, Weinmann tells them he has to speak to their neighbors. Dominika is worried, but House has it covered - he's convinced Wilson to pretend to be a neighbor. Weinmann finds Wilson, and Wilson says he's seen House and Dominika together a lot. However, one of House's real neighbors finds Wilson outside his door and recognizes him as one of House's friends. Weinmann realizes he has been fooled and tells House and Dominika to come to his office the next morning.

After listening to House's lawyer, Weinmann tells Dominika she will be deported and the matter will be reported to House's parole officer. At that point, Dominika pleads with him not to do anything to House and claims she loves him. Weinmann doesn't believe her, but realizes this will complicate things. He tells them he's going to do spot checks every six months to make sure they are living together.

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