Multiple Myeloma





Bone pain, widespread infection, kidney failure, anemia, neurological symptoms.

Mortality Rate

Inevitably fatal if untreated. Even if treated, 50% mortality rate after five years.


Chemotherapy, thalidomide, steroids, stem cell transplant

Show Information

Multiple Myeloma is an aggressive form of white blood cell cancer involving cancerous B-cells (which are themselves part of the immune system. As the cells are transmitted easily in the bloodstream, the disease causes only systemic symptoms which are not unique to the disease, making it a zebra diagnosis.

Although the disease can be definitively diagnosed, it requires a battery of tests including hemoglobin, sed rate, immunoglobulin, calcium, x-rays, MRI and bone marrow biopsy.

Myeloma can never be completely cured, but aggressive treatment will generally send it into remission.

Multiple myeloma at NIH

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