Munchausen syndrome

Mental illness


Unknown. It is surmised sufferers are generally attention seekers who see medical care as a way of obtaining sympathy.


Rare symptoms with no seeming underlying cause, patient has been seen by many other doctors, long medical history of different diseases

Mortality Rate

Low, but sufferers often undergo unnecessary surgery or medical procedures that put them at risk.


Psychiatric care

Show Information



Munchausen syndrome is a mental illness where sufferers fake symptoms and actively seek out serious medical care. It is extremely difficult to diagnose as sufferers make themselves extremely knowledgeable about medical procedures and move from doctor to doctor when under suspicion. Often a doctor will correctly identify a patient, refer them for psychiatric care, and then have the patient move on to another unsuspecting doctor.

The disease is named after Baron Münchhausen, a German aristocrat who was infamous for his tall tales.

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