Muckle-Wells syndrome



Increased production of NALP3


Deafness, fever, chills, hives, painful joints

Mortality Rate



Anakinra, Rilonacept, Canakinumab

Show Information

Recession Proof


Muckle-Wells syndrome is a rare genetic disease where a body overproduces a protein used to indicate trauma or infection. As a result, the immune system is fooled into believing such conditions exist and produces interleukin, which is responsible for inflammation. This inflammation eventually causes damage to the nerves leading to the ear responsible for hearing and the joints (similar to arthritis). It also causes widespread hives. The inflammation can also lead to secondary amyloidosis.

Unlike most diseases that cause inflammation, Muckle-Wells requires a more targeted approach. The drugs used for the condition are those that interfere with the production of interleukin, reducing the cause of the inflammation.

Muckle-Wells syndrome at Wikipedia

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