Ms. Fields
Name Ms. Fields
Occupation Elementary school principal
Actor Erika Alexander
First Appearance Two Stories
Ms. Fields is the principal of the elementary school that House visits for career day in the Season 7 episode Two Stories. She was portrayed by actress Erika Alexander.

House went to the school as a favor to Sanford Wells so that he might put in a good word for Lisa Cuddy's daughter Rachel. However, the visit went disastrously as House got into a fight with another man at career day. Trying to salvage the situation, he decided to speak directly to the principal on Cuddy's behalf. However, Ms. Fields was out and House wound up talking to Zachary Taylor and Colleen, two students awaiting detention, while he waited for Ms. Fields.

When Ms. Fields did show up, House apologized and asked her to consider Rachel, but Ms. Fields realized that House's motives were to impress Cuddy and he didn't care much for either Cuddy or her daughter. She told House that he had to grow up and be less selfish and think directly about the needs of other people rather than just how other people's happiness would affect him. House was listening, but suddenly looked at a picture of the story "The Princess and the Pea" on her wall and realized what was wrong with his patient. He excused himself and left.

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