Ms. Corwin
Name Ms. Corwin
Occupation 5th grade teacher
Actor Brittany Ishibashi
First Appearance Two Stories
Ms. Corwin is the teacher of the fifth-grade class House visits for Career Day in the Season 7 episode Two Stories. She was portrayed by actress Brittany Ishibashi.

Ms. Corwin is very pleasant and tries to keep the Career Day presentations moving along. However, House doesn't make it easy for her. At first, he only talks for a couple of minutes, then stops. Ms. Corwin prompts him by asking how he spends a typical day. House starts describing a vaginal exam which Ms. Corwin realizes isn't appropriate for the ten year olds. However, when she tries to move on, the kids have so many questions that they insist House keep talking. However, as he does so, Dave Dryden, who was in an accident with House just before arriving at the school and coicidentally was going to the same event, realizes House has been lying about being Dr. Hourani and demands to see his ID. When House resists, they get into a struggle and Ms. Corwin loses control of the class. Luckily, Ms. Washburn soon arrives to impose order again.

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