Mrs. Zebalusky
Name Mrs. Zebalusky
Marital Status Widow of Mr. Zebalusky
Actor Teddy Vincent
First Appearance Merry Little Christmas
Mrs. Zebalusky is the widow of Larry Zebalusky, one of Wilson's patients in the Season 3 episode Merry Little Christmas. She was portrayed by actress Teddy Vincent.

House was trying to score some narcotics as his Vicodin had been cut off.  He barged into Mr. Zebalusky's room as Wilson was trying to comfort Mrs. Zebalusky. House was insulting and boorish and Mrs. Zebalusky demanded that he leave. When House went to go, Wilson realized that his behavior was out of character, even for him, and caught him trying to take Mr. Zebalusky's painkillers.

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