Mrs. Simms
Name Mrs. Simms
Marital Status Married
Actor Cynthia Ettinger
First Appearance Heavy

Mrs. Simms is the mother of Jessica Simms, the patient in the Season 1 episode Heavy. She is portrayed by actress Cynthia Ettinger.

When the doctors thought Jessica had a metabolic disease that could be controlled with diet and exercise, Mrs. Simms insisted that Jessica did exercise and stuck to her existing diet.  

However, Mrs. Simms was shocked when Jessica admitted to diet pills.

When the doctors believed that Jessica had a form of necrosis, Mrs. Simms consented to a mastectomy.

However, House soon realized that although both of Jessica's parents were above average weight, they were also both of above average height while Jessica was of below average height for her age despite her weight. They started a new differential diagnosis and realized her weight might be due to Cushing's disease.

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