Mrs. Ling
Name Mrs. Ling
Marital Status Married
Diagnosis Common cold
Actor Alice Lo
First Appearance Sleeping Dogs Lie

Mrs. Ling is an elderly clinic patient who only speaks Mandarin. She comes to the clinic with her young daughter Anne Ling in the Season 2 episode Sleeping Dogs Lie. She was portrayed by actress Alice Lo.

Mrs. Ling and Anne were seen by Gregory House. Although Dr. House knows some Mandarin, he allowed Anne to translate for her mother. However, what Anne was saying didn't match either Mrs. Ling's words or her symptoms. Anne told Dr. House that her mother said she was "super depressed" and she had heard the pill can improve mood in women going through menopause. However, Dr. House noted to Anne that her mother's nose was bright red and irritated, and she had a tissue discreetly tucked into a band around her left wrist. She just had a common cold. He asked Anne if she had any bleeding issues or high blood pressure. When she said no, he wrote Anne a prescription for the pill as well as some decongestants for her mother. He then told Anne that as a 16-year old, all she had to do to get a prescription for the pill was to walk into any clinic in New Jersey, alone, and ask.

However, a few days later, Mrs. Ling and Anne came back. Mrs. Ling was complaining that her breasts had gotten bigger. Dr. House realized immediately that Anne had gotten the medications confused. He asked her how that was even possible. She said the pharmacist had put them in the same bag. She then told her mother that it was Dr. House's fault. Dr. House then revealed he knew enough Mandarin to say it wasn't his fault and told Mrs. Ling, in Mandarin, that Anne had been having sex and was pregnant. Anne denied even ever having sex and she and her mother got into a big argument. Dr. House left the room to let them settle it.

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