Mrs. Bradberry
Name Mrs. Bradberry
Marital Status Widow
Actor Kay Lenz
First Appearance Alone

Mrs. Bradberry was the mother of Megan Bradberry, the patient in the episode Alone. She was portrayed by actress Kay Lenz.

Mrs. Bradberry came to the hospital when her daughter was injured in a building collapse. Megan's fiance Ben was also with them. As Gregory House started coming up with possible diagnoses, Ben kept saying he would have noticed that Megan was an alcoholic, depressed or had been pregnant and rejected House's ideas. However, House kept noting that as Megan and Ben weren't married, Mrs. Bradberry was Megan's medical proxy and could make all decisions for her daughter.

Mrs. Bradberry went along with Dr. House as Megan improved, then got worse, seemingly for a different reason each time. Eventually, Mrs. Bradberry lost faith in Dr. House when Megan had an allergic reaction to cephalosporin, which she had taken without incident only a few months before.

Eventually, Dr. House realized that "Megan" was really Liz Masters, a co-worker of Megan. Mrs. Bradberry at first refused to believe it until Dr. House got the patient to confirm who she was. Mrs. Bradberry was heartbroken and realized Megan had died the day before.

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