Mrs. Berriman
Name Mrs. Berriman
Diagnosis Aneurysm
First Appearance Whatever It Takes
Mrs. Berriman was an emergency room patient in the Season 4 episode Whatever It Takes. She is briefly seen in the episode, but is played by an uncredited actress.

Allison Cameron had examined Mrs. Berriman, who described having the worst headache she ever had. Cameron feared she had an aneurysm and wanted to admit her for an MRA. However, when she returns to her patient's bed, she finds Eric Foreman standing there. When she asks where her patient is, Foreman tells her that he discharged her because it's stupid to give every patient with a headache an MRA. Cameron explains the symptoms and Foreman tells her it was just triggered by her recently having wine and cheese. When she tells him she thinks it's an aneurysm, Foreman is unrepentant and reminds her that interfering with other doctor's patients (like she did by telling House's applicants to disobey him) just makes you look like "an officious bitch". He walks away while Cameron tries to get a nurse to get Mrs. Berriman back to the hospital. However, she soon spots her walking back to her bed wheeling an intravenous bag - she had just stepped away for a minute to give a urine sample and Foreman took advantage.

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