Mr. Weathers
Name Mr. Weathers
Actor Bruce McKenzie
First Appearance Transplant

Mr. Weathers was the grieving father of Stevie Weathers, the lung transplant donor in Transplant. He was portrayed by actor Bruce McKenzie.

When House and Park went to Stevies' house, Mr. Weathers agreed to let them in to do an environmental scan even though House was looking for cocaine.

Park thought House was making Mr. Weathers angry and warned him that they might be thrown out. House told her not to worry as if the transplant wasn't successful, Mr. Weathers would believe his son's death was for nothing.

House found a pair of glasses, but there was a knock at the door. House asked Mr. Weathers to ignore it (it was actually the police, who had homed in on House's ankle tracker) and found out that Stevie had only recently started wearing glasses. House dropped his cocaine theory and thought the glasses might indicate a brain tumor.

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