Molly (wife)
Name Molly
Marital Status Married to Lee
Actor Faune A. Chambers
First Appearance Locked In

This article is about Lee's wife in the Season 5 episode Locked In. For other characters of the same name, see Molly.

Molly was the wife of Lee, the patient in the Season 5 episode Locked In. She is the mother of Jolie and Drake. She was portrayed by actress Faune A. Chambers.

When Molly learned of Lee's injury and that he was in hospital in Middletown, she rushed to his side. She soon learned Lee could only communicate by blinking. When the attending Dr. Kurtz appeared to be unable or unwillijng to help, she realized Lee wanted to go with Gregory House and as his medical proxy agreed to trransfer him to Princeton-Plainsboro.

At PPTH, she brought Lee's children to see him. He was upset as he didn't want his children to see him in the condition he was in.

Lee's marriage became strained when he denied having left his home town. He had lied to Molly that he had been on a job in St. Louis, but he had been staying with a friend while he did odd jobs. They managed to communicate with Lee again and realized he had never left town. House realized that he had been with a friend Molly probably didn't like, so when he narrowed it down, he asked her directly if there were any friends of his within a short distance of his house that she would be angry if she stayed with. She gave them a name and it turned out Lee had spent several weeks living in his friend's basement.

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