Name Molly
Marital Status Single
Actor Amy Davidson
First Appearance We Need the Eggs
For Lee's wife in Locked In, see Molly (wife). For the waitress who agreed to participate in a threesome with Wilson in Post Mortem, see Molly (waitress).

Molly was the neighbor of Henry, the patient in the Season 8 episode We Need the Eggs. She was portrayed by actress Amy Davidson.

Molly and Henry spend most of their free time together because they have similar interests. However, she was always wondering why Henry's girlfriend Amy never joined them. Molly was with Henry when he started showing symptoms - crying blood.

She was with Henry in the hospital and wondered if she should try to reach Amy, but Henry insisted it wasn't anything to worry about. This made the team suspicious.

The team soon found out that Amy was merely a very lifelike doll. They brought her back to the hospital for testing. To make the patient more comfortable, they left the doll in Henry's room. The next time Molly came in, she thought the doll was some kind of medical teaching aid, but Henry broke the news that it was his girlfriend. Molly started to lose her composure and made an excuse to leave.

After Henry is treated, Jessica Adams suggests that he ask Molly out. However, we see Henry back at home with Amy.