Name Moira
Occupation Sports agent
Actor Taraji P. Henson
First Appearance Spin

Moira was Jeff Forrester's agent in the Season 2 episode Spin. She was portrayed by actress Taraji P. Henson.

Moira met Jeff at the hospital and was constantly on her phone telling the press that Jeff's hospitalization was no big deal. She put pressure on the doctors to diagnose him as quickly and discreetly as possible.

When the pace of the doctors was not to her liking, she went to see Lisa Cuddy. Cuddy checked Jeff's chart and saw that Jeff was being scheduled for a diagnostic procedure the next morning. Moira wanted to know why Jeff had to wait so long and to speed things up, she made a large donation to the hospital after asking what would happen if "Mr. Witherspoon" of the Witherspoon Wing showed up. When Cuddy noted Witherspoon had been long dead, Moira answered that would mean that he wouldn't need the spot being saved for him.

However, Gregory House soon came to believe that Jeff was being injected with erythropoietin. Jeff denied it, but the press had recently learned that Jeff suspected of having cancer and someone had leaked that to the press. He rightly pointed out that Moira had the best motive to leak that information. Moira admitted to the leak, saying cancer would get Jeff a lot of sympathy, but denied injecting him with anything he hadn't agreed to. Jeff fired her on the spot.

Later, it was proved Moira hadn't given Jeff erythropoietin, but he realized he had just increased his earnings by the 4% he had given his agent and decided to let things stay as they were.

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