A miscarriage is the spontaneous end to a pregnancy, ending in the death of a fetus. In medical context, the term abortion is used to describe this regardless of its intionally includced or completely spontaneous; however, in any other context due to associations the word abortion has, miscarriage refers only when this not induced, but rather when it occurs for another reason. There are many types of miscarriages, as well as many potential causes, with genetic problems being the most common, and while a mother may sometimes feel it is her fault, causes like gentics are random chance. Miscarriages can be highly devastating to the parents of the fetus. This is because the parents commonly start to bond with the child from the moment they know it is there, and like Cuddy they see the unborn child as a baby, and therefore see a miscarriage as the death of a baby.

Miscarriage at Wikipedia

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