Name Mindy
Age About 20
Occupation Student
Actor Alexis Thorpe
First Appearance Occam's Razor

Mindy was the fiance of Brandon Merrell, the patient in the episode Occam's Razor.

Mindy was with Brandon when he started to get very ill and accompanied him to the hospital. She was worried that she had injured Brandon during their bouts of rough sex and expressed this concern to Robert Chase. However, he dismissed it as unimportant.

A stressful situation was created when Mindy met Brandon's parents, Becky Merrell and Robert Merrell when they came to see their son at the hospital. It was the first time Mindy had met them and Brandon introduced her as his fiance.

When it was discovered that Brandon may have gotten sicker because of the prescription medication he was taking for his cough, which his mother gave to him again after he seemed to be getting better, Mindy (along with Gregory House) confronted her about her actions, leading to tension between the two as Brandon continued to get worse. However, they reconciled at the end of the episode.

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