Mike Pinto
Name Dr. Mike Pinto
Occupation Pulmonologist
Actor Jimmy Stathis
First Appearance Transplant
Dr. Mike Pinto is a pulmonologist at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He appears in the Season 8 episode Transplant. He was portrayed by actor Jimmy Stathis.

The lounger from House's old office wound up in Pinto's office. House finds out and wants to retrive the chair so when he needs a lung biopsy he asks Pinto for a consult to distract him.

Once Pinto leaves the office, House tries to retrieve his lounger, but it's too large and awkward for him to get it out the door given his disability. He tries to enlist Park to help, but she declines. Pinto soon returns to find House trying to remove the lounger, and House immediately puts the blame on Park by stating he wasn't going to help her try to steal the lounger. 

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