Mickey Darro
Name Mickey Darro
Marital Status Married to Ray Darro
Actor Julie McNiven
First Appearance Dead & Buried

Mickey Darro is the ex-wife of Emory Lemayne and the mother of the late Drew Lemayne. She is currently married to Ray Darro and they have a young son together.

When Gregory House became intrigued with the death of Drew, Emory warned him that Mickey would not want to have anything to do with it. However, House's first thought was that Drew may have died from heavy metal poisoning and tricked his anger management group into meeting near Mickey's house so that he could search it without his ankle tracker alerting the police. Emory agreed to help and they removed samples, but they all turned out negative.

House could not let the matter drop and when he learned Mickey had not cried at Drew's funeral, he called Mickey to the hospital on the pretext she could get a free flu shot. He deliberately insulted her to test a diagnosis that she had an emotional deficit, but instead she slapped him, showing her emotional response was normal. He apologized for his insults, and Mickey told him that, like Emory, he just couldn't let anything go.

House found out that Drew spent a lot of time with Mickey's father and decided to go there next to ask questions on the pretext that he was with the coroner's office. However, the father had been alerted and contacted Mickey and Ray, who threw House out of the father's home.

However, House finally realized that both Drew and Mickey's father showed signs of hearing deficit. He and Emory went to Mickey's house and found Mickey's new son, and found out he too was deaf at high frequencies. He realized that Drew, Mickey's father and Mickey's younger son all had Alport syndrome, and Mickey herself was a carrier. When Mickey and Ray came to confront House this time, he shouted that Drew's condition was genetic and their young son had it too. Mickey calmed down and finally turned to Emory and expressed her grief over Drew's death.

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