Michael Campbell
Name Michael "Mikey" Campbell
Age 17
Marital Status Single
Occupation Student
Actor Jacob Zachar
First Appearance Holding On
"Michael Campbell" was the young man pretending to be a former patient of Wilson's in the Season 8 episode Holding On.

Desperate to get Wilson to agree to treatment for his thymoma, House tries to remind Wilson of all the patients he has saved over the years by having them converge on the cafeteria. He starts talking about the case of "Mikey" when someone chimes in and says he prefers "Michael" now. Wilson turns and sees Michael who tells him that he's fine and doing very well. House turns to the rest of the cafeteria and asks if anyone else there has been treated by Wilson, and a couple of dozen people put their hands up. House reminds Wilson how many people he's saved and has found out how many children and grandchildren his former patients have had.

As Wilson is feeling all warm and fuzzy, he suddenly realizes that Michael, who is going to college, is old enough to have gone the previous year and questions him about it. Michael fumbles over the answer that he had to repeat a year of school and Wilson realizes it's not the same kid. He asks the rest of the people there if they're really his patients. House realizes he's busted but tries to get out of it by telling Wilson he did call people, but they were all too busy living their lives to come. Wilson leaves angrily.

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