Michael A. Kondo
Name Dr. Michael A. Kondo
Occupation Oncologist
Actor Art Chudabala
First Appearance The C Word
Dr. Michael A. Kondo was an oncologist who Wilson consulted about his thymoma in the Season 8 episode The C Word. He was portrayed by actor Art Chudabala.  

Wilson and House went to Kondo for a consult. Kondo suggested Wilson undergo immediate radiation therapy, followed by a course of chemotherapy to see if that would shrink the thymoma enough so that surgery would be possible. He reminded Wilson his chances were very good if he followed that course. However, Wilson insulted Kondo instead, telling him he had no courage. Kondo was upset, but reminded Wilson that in many cases, the radiation alone would be enough to force the thymoma into remission. Wilson wasn't convinced and left. House left too, telling Kondo he agreed that he had "no balls".

However, House knew that Wilson had been to several other oncologists who had given him exactly the same advice. He realized Wilson was going to try something radical.

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