Metabolic syndrome



Unknown, but most likely an underlying problem with energy usage and storage


Any three of obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels after fasting, high triglycerides and high High-density lipoprotein levels

Mortality Rate



Lifestyle changes, pharmacotherapy

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Metabolic syndrome describes a condition where at least three of the following five conditions exist in the same patient:

Individuals with metabolic syndrome are at higher risk to develop cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus type II. Patients also tend to insulin resistance and pre-diabetes symptoms.It is very common and up to 34% of American adults meet the diagnostic profile.

The causes and etiology of the syndrome are poorly understood. It is believed that the condition involves disorders in the metabolic processes that regulate energy use and energy storage. Individuals who are old, obese and sedentary are at higher risk. Although the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages is a significant risk factor, there is also a genetic component.

Lifestyle changes, such as changed in diet and exercise routine, are the first line of treatment. Pharmaceuticals are used to deal with blood pressure, triglycerides and HDL levels.

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