Various, including bacterial, viral and some parasites


Inflammation of the meninges and the brain

Mortality Rate

Inevitably fatal without treatment


Treatment of underlying infection

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Meningoencephalitis, also called encephalomeningitis, is the inflammation of the meninges and the brain. It has symptoms of both encephalitis and meningitis. It has a high rate of mortality. Causes are protozoal, viral, and bacterial pathogens.

Some specific types of meningoencephalitis are West Nile virus, granulomatous meningoencephalitis, and trypanosoma brucie.

Diagnosis Edit

The condition presents with the symptoms of both meningitis and encephalitis, and can be confirmed in the same manner, generally with a CT scan and lumbar puncture

Treatment Edit

Treatment depends on the underlying cause. Bacterial cases are treated with antibiotics. Protozoal cases respond to anti-parasitic medication. Viral cases are very difficult to treat unless the exact infection is known.

Meningoencephalitis at Wikipedia

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