Melissa (girlfriend)
Name Melissa
Marital Status Single
Actor Margo Harshman
First Appearance Love is Blind
Melissa was Will Westwood's girlfriend in the Season 8 episode Love is Blind.  She was portrayed by actress Margo Harshman.

After Will was admitted to hospital, Melissa came to visit him.  Will explained that they had gone on a "break" several months before because Melissa wanted him to be sure she was the one he wanted to marry as Will had never had a girlfriend before.  After Melissa left the room, he also asked Chase and Park to hide an engagement ring he had bought.

However, later Will admitted he was just about to break up with Melissa permanently because he had met another girl.  He was upset Melissa had insisted on the break.  He was also upset that Melissa continued to treat him like a child and like he needed her to get by, while his new girlfriend saw him as independent and someone she needed.  Park told him that he should let Melissa know, but Will admitted he didn't want to be alone in hospital and didn't want to scare his future fiance.

However, Will finally broke the news to Melissa.  She was angry and left the hospital.

When they finally realized Will had mucormycosis, they also realized the treatment would render him deaf as well as blind.   He initially refused treatment, but when Melissa came back, she managed to convince him that she would love him no matter what and would stick by him.

Will accepted treatment and grew stronger, although it became obvious he could no longer hear.  Melissa came back to see him and Will asked her to marry him.  Margo was taken aback and stopped holding hands with him, leaving Will completely in the dark about her intentions.  When he asked her not to leave him hanging, she shouted yes, of course she would marry him and Will realized he could hear her.  


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