Name Melanie
Marital Status Single
Occupation Prostitute
Diagnosis Echtyma
Actor Jennifer Hall
First Appearance It's a Wonderful Lie

Melanie was a clinic patient in the Season 4 episode It's a Wonderful Lie. She was portrayed by actress Jennifer Hall.

Melanie came to the clinic complaining of a sore throat and stomach pain. She was seen by Gregory House, who after a short examination diagnosed her with strep throat. Melanie was worried that she was contagious and Dr. House confirmed that she would probably have to take a couple of days off. He asked if she was worried about her pimp. She looked at him quizically and Dr. House said he noticed Melanie was tested every three months for STDs and was wearing a St. Nicholas medal. She wondered if Dr. House felt religious medallions pointed to prostitution, but Dr. House said he knew all the professions where Nicholas was their saint, and her physical characteristics didn't match any of the others. She smiled and reminded him that Nicholas was also the patron saint of children, and she wasn't a child either.

However, Melanie returned the next day with new symptoms. She had spots on her neck. Dr. House guessed gonorrhea, but she said she had checked her labia and they were normal. He looked at her lips and asked about her lipstick, and she said she wasn't wearing any. He asked out of curiosity if her mother knew she was a prostitute, and she said that she didn't want to hurt her mother just to be honest. He then asked if she had had any contact with a donkey lately. He assured her that it mattered to his diagnosis and Melanie smiled and said she wasn't sure if it was a donkey or a mule. Dr. House told her she had another form of streptococcus, echtyma and to avoid touching the donkey except with gloves. He prescribed an antibiotic creme. Melanie then told Dr. House if he was interested in seeing her with the donkey, she would love to see him there and left him a flyer. Dr. House was reluctant to look at it, but when he did, he realized it was for a nativity play. He went to the church to see it and saw Melanie playing the Virgin Mary riding a live donkey.

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