On House M.D. - Critical CasesMeds are one of the resources needed to treat both the main patient and Clinic Patients.  They come in the six types associated with the other resources in the game: green (glandular), purple (digestive), red (heart), yellow (chemical), blue (body) and white (head).

The number of meds needed to treat each patient increases with each level.  At the lower levels, only a few Meds are necessary, but at higher levels, more than 50 may be necessary.

Meds are used to treat Clinic Patients to gain Supplies.  Treatment with each type of Med will gain the player one type of Supply.  For example, treatment with green meds results in the player obtaining an IV bag,

Meds must be purchased with Budget.  Lower level players can only buy a few meds at a time,but after reaching a certain level, the player may buy up to 25 meds with each purchase.  Meds are purchased at the Pharmacy area of the game, and lower level players only have a certain number of "tables" which limits the numbers of orders they can make.  At the highest levels, the player can make up to 12 Meds orders at one time.  However, smaller orders are prepared faster, although the price per Med is also higher.  For example, 25 meds can be purchased with $100 of Budget, but takes 4 hours of time to fill unless the player uses House Credits to speed up the process.

Ordering and paying for Meds uses no Energy, but picking up an order takes 1 energy point.

Some of the bonus tokens used in the game can be traded for Meds.  

The player can use Budget to upgrade their Meds, so it takes fewer of them to treat Clinic Patients.  However, each upgrade takes play time and during that period, the player cannot order that type of Med.  

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