medic alert (from the brand name of the non-profit MedicAlert) is a bracelet or necklace containing a tag bearing a Staff of Aesculepius on one side and critial medical conditions on the other, such as drug allergies or chronic conditions that might result in incapacitation, such as diabetes.  It also contains a code that can be matched to a database that contains other key aspects of a patient's medical history.  The information is also provided on a wallet card.

The service is designed to prevent accidental medical errors based on a complete lack of medical history should a patient become unconscious and where standard medical treatment may result in permanent injury or death.  

Some of the other common conditions listed on medic alert tags are Addison's diseaseAlzheimer's diseaseasthmaautismepilepsyheart diseasehemophilia, high blood pressure, medications with a high risk of drug interaction, such as MAOIsParkinson's disease and people with medical implants.

In addition, the patient's file can also contain medical directives on consent to treatment while unconscious.  

MedicAlert at Wikipedia

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