Max (Orange rash)
Name Max
Actor Owen Pearce
First Appearance Who's Your Daddy?

Max was a young clinic patient in the Season 2 episode Who's Your Daddy?. He was accompanied by his mother. He was portrayed by child actor Owen Pearce.

Max's mother brought him to the clinic because he had a bright orange rash from his chest to his abdomen on the front side of his body. He was seen by Gregory House. Dr. House asked if he had had a bath before the rash appeared, and the mother confirmed that he had. He asked Max if he liked to watch cartoons on television after his bath, and Max nodded enthusiastically. Dr. House then asked if the couch was red or orange and confirmed it was red. He then grabbed a towel, put some solvent on it, and started rubbing Max with it. The "rash" started coming off and Dr. House left Max with his mother to finish the clean-up.