Marlene Reese
Name Marlene Reese
Marital Status Married to Joe Reese
Actor Rena Sofer
First Appearance Man of the House

Marlene Reese was the wife of Joe Reese in the Season 8 episode Man of the House. She was portrayed by actress Rena Sofer.

Marlene works closely with her husband, a motivational speaker focussing on male/female relationships.  She was with him when he collapsed on stage and followed him to the hospital.

It was soon determined that Joe's testosterone levels were abnormally low, most likely due to a serious injury to his testicles. When they asked Joe about his sexual desire, he though it was not out of the ordinary, but Marlene expressed some dissatisfaction, stating that she often wished Joe initiated sex more than she did. Joe agreed to take testosterone supplements.

However, when Joe's behavior started to change, he and Marlene frequently got into fights. When Joe held out for more money from a DVD company without telling her, he got very defensive when he turned out to be right, which further alienated her.

Worried, Marlene tracked down some old tapes Joe made before his injury. She realized that before his injury, Joe was very arrogant and self-centered, and that she never would have even dated him at that time.  She became worried that he was becoming that kind of person again.  .

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