1. House wiki is a plain English wiki. Avoid medical jargon and speak in layman’s terms. Penalty - your article will be ignored or entirely re-written.
  2. House wiki contains spoilers! There is no special reason to avoid them in the articles.
  3. Articles only need to be relevant to the show, not significant to the show. If you want to write a long article about a character who had one line, it’s fine by us. See, for example, Large Man (Jeremy's father). It's a great article about a character that only appears in a flashback.
  4. House wiki is a wiki, so we like to see internal links in the articles. There’s no need for a link to link to an existing article. Creating more "red links" (links that don't link to an internal article) is preferable to linking to an external source. External links should only be used if an internal link would lead to an article that would be more or less pointless to the purpose of the wiki (for example, we use them a lot in the Trivia & Cultural References section of the episode articles). Penalty - your page will be wikified!
  5. If you copy content verbatim from another non-copyright source (Wikipedia, old encyclopedia, etc.), that’s fine by us, but give credit to the source. In addition, please don't just cut and paste from a Wikipedia page - the code becomes dense and almost impossible to edit. For example, take a look at Brain tumor - I've tried twice and the only way to correct it is to copy it to a text editor and take out all the extraneous code! Penalty - your page will be flagged with the "Wrong Format" template. Instead, go to the "source" of the Wikipedia page and cut and paste from there - that way only internal links instead of formatting have to be changed.
  6. This is the most important rule. This is a DIY wiki. If you spot an error, it’s up to you to correct it - don’t complain about it in the article or on the talk page. It’s not that we don’t care about errors, we’re just too busy with other things to fix them. Penalties - 1st offence warning, 2nd offence suspension, 3rd offence ban!
  7. Passing along rumors is fine, as is speculation, but they should be identified as such.
  8. We’re not big on references, but it’s great if you add them.
  9. Gregory House is played by a British actor and the administrator is a Canadian, eh! However, American spelling conventions should be followed. Penalty - we will take the "u" and "a" out of all of your spellings!
  10. New rule - those who help us fight spam, vandalism, etc. will get free Instant Karma! Also, if the admins get a chance, you will also get humble thanks.

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