Name Mandy
Actor Mary Wickliffe
First Appearance TB or Not TB

Mandy was a clinic patient in the Season 2 episode TB or Not TB. She was portrayed by actress Mary Wickliffe.

Mandy came to the clinic because she was suffering from headaches and severe nasal congestion. She was seen by Gregory House who determined by her symptoms and the fact that she had cat hair on her clothing that she might have an allergy to cat dander. He asked if the cat was new and she confirmed she had inherited it from her mother. House tried to make a joke like he misunderstood that she had been given a dead cat rather than her mother had died, but Mandy was not amused.

House went to write a prescription for antihistamines, but Mandy objected to "pills". Dr. House understood that many patients have difficulty swallowing pills, so he offered an inhaler, but Mandy also objected to taking steroids. Out of treatment options, House told Mandy that the only solution he had left was a bag and a nearby river for disposal of the cat.

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