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Hugh Laurie was one of the worst connected actors on the show. Although he has other minor connections, until 2011, the only two on-screen actors he has appeared with outside of the series were Scott Michael Campbell (in Flight of the Phoenix, when on location filming he made his breakthrough audition tape) and Leighton Meester (in The Oranges, where he plays a character who is obsessed with her). He finally has increased his total, largely due to his guest appearances on Veep:

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Lisa Edelstein has an extensive television resume and is very well connected.

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Omar Epps is not terribly well connected, but does have some important connections.

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Robert Sean Leonard is fairly well connected for an actor whose primary career is on Broadway.

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Kal Penn has numerous connections (most importantly, John Cho), but due to his short term on the show, not too many reunions

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Jennifer Morrison has become much better connected since she left the show, particularly because of her work on Once Upon a Time.

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Spencer had a limited resume before joining House, but his starring role on Chicago Fire has increased his connections and reunions.

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The episode "8;30 P.M." features Spencer with Jon Seda (Brave Heart), Elias Koteas and Dylan Baker

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Jacobson has a lengthy resume and numerous connections

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Wilde isn't very well connected, but has several important connections

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Amber Tamblyn is fairly well connected, generally due to her starring roles in Joan of Arcadia before the series and Two and a Half Men after the series.

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Yi has a few connections, but only two reunions. She had previously worked with Odette Annable, and appeared with George Sharperson in both All About Steve and We Need the Eggs

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