Lucille Hernandez
Name Lucille Hernandez
Marital Status Married to Mr. Hernandez
Occupation Housewife
Actor Susan Slome
First Appearance Heavy

Lucille Hernandez was a clinic patient in the episode Heavy. She is the wife of Mr. Hernandez. She was portrayed by actress Susan Slome.

Lucille came to the clinic because she was having trouble with heartburn. As House noted her large abdomen and heartburn is a common complication of pregnancy, House guessed she was pregnant. Lucille was very insulted saying that she had already been sterilized and that her body shape was normal for a woman – curves are what women are supposed to have. Dr. House was skeptical, but agreed to run a battery of blood tests.

However, even House was surprised by the results, which pointed to a benign tumor. He called in James Wilson for a consult, and after an examination, it turned out Lucille had a tumor that weighed over thirty pounds. When they broke the news to her, she was shocked, but when Dr. Wilson said not to worry and that the tumor could be removed surgically at little risk, she once again became defensive about her weight. She accused the doctors of trying to change her body shape. Dr. Wilson assured her that this was not the case and the tumor was most likely causing her heartburn as well, but when Dr. Wilson admitted that the tumor may not be harmful in the long term she refused to consent to surgery and left the clinic.

However, Mr. Hernandez came to see Dr. House to see if they could convince Lucille to have the surgery. He said she could always gain back the lost weight and he liked the way she looked. Dr. House didn't want to deal with him, but Mr. Hernandez was worried the tumor could become malignant and kill her, leaving him alone with their six children. Dr. House was unmoved, but when he saw pictures of the children, he agreed to see Lucille again and talk to her.

When he saw Lucille, it turned out that House could care less about her kids, but they did give him a clue as to why she was avoiding surgery. He noted that two of her children had blue eyes, even though both her and her husband had brown eyes. He guessed that at least two and possibly three of her children were fathered by other men. He had guessed that Lucille was avoiding the surgery because she was afraid the scars would scare off her numerous other lovers. He assured her she would never have any problem finding men despite the scars. She finally agreed to the surgery.

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