Louise Harper
Dr. Harper
Name Louise Harper
Occupation Psychiatrist
Actor Alanna Ubach
First Appearance Spin

Dr. Louise Harper was a psychiatrist at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. She ran a group therapy session for patients with disabilities.

In the episode Spin, Stacy let slip to House that she was seeing Dr. Harper. Wilson also informed House that Stacy's husband Mark Warner was doing group therapy sessions with her. House decided to go to one of the sessions in an attempt to annoy him. She had been saying for years that House should stop by to join her group because of his leg pain. However, Mark Warner argued that he and House had a history and they should not be in the same group. House told Dr. Harper that he could not come to any of the other sessions because they would interfere with his book club or poker night. She thought that if House and Mark worked out their issues with each other, they could really help each other. However, they ended up arguing and she told House to cancel his book club if he wanted to keep coming to group. House left and didn't come back.


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