Liz Masters
Name Liz Masters
Age Thirties
Occupation Office Worker
Actor Liliya Toneva
First Appearance Alone

Elizabeth Masters is the woman thought to be a patient named Megan Bradberry, in the episode Alone. She was portrayed by actress Liliya Toneva.

Medical HistoryEdit

Case HistoryEdit

Liz was working in the office when the building started shaking and collapsed. She was misidentified at the collapse scene as Megan Bradberry, a colleague of Liz's, by Bradberry's boyfriend. As EMTs are trained to never second guess a family's identification, she was admitted under Bradberry's name.

Liz received medical care, with everyone thinking that she was Megan. She had several adverse reactions to her treatment because the two women had very different medical histories. The real Megan passed away a few days after the accident due to the injuries she suffered in collapse. House eventually realized that "Megan" was Liz and informed Megan's family, who were crushed by the news. The episode closes with her own boyfriend Ben who had already been told she was dead and had visited the woman who turned out to be Megan in the morgue.

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