Little Girl
Name Little Girl
Diagnosis Spinal muscular atrophy
Actor Shyann McClure
First Appearance Merry Little Christmas
Little Girl was the child patient who had the stuffed bear she insisted was a dog in the Season 3 episode Merry Little Christmas. She was portrayed by child actress Shyann McClure.

She came into the cafeteria and tried to get some french fries from House, but he told her to go get her own. He asked about her condition and once he learns its not contagious, he decides to give her some chips and compliment her on her toy bear. However, she insists the toy is a dog. Cuddy comes in to ask House for help with her case, but House ignores her and engages the girl in a conversation about whether her toy is a bear or a dog. He reminds her about how dangerous bears are compared to dogs and she has to be able to tell the difference between them. She insists its a dog because it has a collar. Just as he insists it's not a dog just because she says it is, he realizes what might be wrong with his patient - she looks like a dwarf but might not actually be one.

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