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Levamisole Induced Necrosis Syndrome

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Levamisole Induced Necrosis Syndrome



Exposure to Levamisole, usually in adulterated cocaine


Swollen lymph nodes, malaise, rigor, night sweats, painful papules, necrosis in exposed tissues

Mortality Rate

Low with treatment


Steroids, removal of necrotic tissue, including amputation

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Levamisole Induced Necrosis Syndrome at Wikipedia

Levamisole Induced Necrosis Syndrome or Levamisole-induced vasculitis, is a circulatory disease caused by exposure to the veterinary medication levamisole, usually when the chemical is used to "cut" cocaine.

Levamisole is an acetycholine receptor antagonist and is an effective treatment of heartworms. However, its use was discontinued in humans due to serious side effects, most often the destruction of white blood cells. In severe cases, this can restrict or occlude blood vessels leading to necrosis. ,

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